Intro to Mysore Practice – 12th April

the Intro to Mysore Practice is a great way of getting to know the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga, which is the form we are practicing every morning in the studio. The sequence starts with the Sun Salutations, which are a strong warm up for the rest of the practice as well as the being the basic teaching of how to actually ‘do’ yoga practice. It does not matter if you are a complete beginner with Yoga or the Ashtanga sequence, exploring this form (or any other good sequence of Yoga posture practice) is giving you (mind/body and a wee bit of Soul:))) something to work on and with, it will give or enhance your sense of inner discipline and potentially give you an avenue to a more joyful perspective on life.

One focus of good Yoga practice, in my books anyway, is to work towards a sense of more and more effortless effort….in Ashtanga practice this is one of the biggest challenges and joys in my experience. Hope you come and join and get onto the mat and treat your body well. (Martin)

Mysore News update

We had a wee meeting as the Mysore Collective today and we have a few changes to announce:

The Sunday Mysore Mornings will for the time being no longer include the Vedic Chanting but the class will be open from 7am – 9.30am, so you have the chance to enjoy your Yoga coming in a little bit later, if you want to.

For those lovely hardy and committed Souls that know they want to come in week by week for 4 or 6 days a week we will offer the 6 month pass, which will safe you one month payment. £500 for 6 days a week and £375 for the 4 day pass.

The Intro to Mysore practice will take place as usual and as advertised on this website and will be back to the 2-5pm timing to make the Intro a spacious event.


Farewell dear Sarah & Welcome to the Mysore Collective

We are saying Good Bye to our lovely wee Guru Sarah Hatcher, who is now moving back to Edinburgh. Of course we cannot let her go completely, so we will invite her back for workshops on Ashtanga Yoga practice.

Its been a hard-working, sweaty pleasure to have studied and worked with Sarah for the last 1.5 years. She has always, and I mean always, been so encouraging to us to explore being more present in our Yoga posture practice, to practice ahimsa, kindness to ourselves. One of her favourite words has been: ‘again’. Like, “you can do this even though not just now or not yet, but try again.”

Her baby boy, Dashiel, has been our Zen master, squeaking occasionally with delight when someone got an asana right, or so it seems!! We’ll miss him, too. He lightens up the practice as well as assisting Sarah in forward bends, being placed on someones back, giving his weight, moving his little hands around, nearly like a wee massage….you get the idea. We adore him!


The Future of Mysore Practice at Love Yoga:

Denise, Gill, Karen and myself (Martin) are now officially the Mysore Collective and we will be sharing the teaching. We will keep on offering the program six mornings a week as before and you can still book in for one-off’s, if you know your Ashtanga practice to some extend, or the monthly passes (4 or 6 day per week), we will still offer the Intro to Mysore on the first or second Sunday of the month (as advertised on the website) and we will have Sarah back for specialist workshops.

To give ourselves as still budding Mysore teachers space I will see if we can have another very experienced Mysore teacher every once in a  while. They will come and stay for a week or a month. This idea is a work in progress!


A big Thank You to you, Sarah and a big Thank You to all of you who have been part of this journey so far. Any feedback for helping us improve the studio and its classes is always welcome!


With love from Martin and the Mysorians

Festive Timetable

Festive Timetable – Gathering Light

 “I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.”  ~ Hafiz ~

Monday 22nd – 1230-1330 – Lyndsey

Monday 22nd – 1800-2000 – Rebecca

Tuesday 23rd -1800-2000 – Karen

Monday 29th – 1800-2000 – Helen

Tuesday 30th – 1800-2000 – Emma

Festive celebrations of yoga, pranayama, and meditation for body and mind, and heart and soul.  These energising and warming heart-opening practices will prepare us for some deep, restorative breathing, and will give us an opportunity to slow down and reflect upon the true meaning of Christmas.  The season of goodwill – Christmas should be about opening hearts not wallets, but this joyful holiday brings stress and sorrow as each year we feel under pressure to give more and more. Christmas has been hijacked by corporations in pursuit of profit, and peace has been forgotten. By turning our backs on consumerism and returning to family and community we can reclaim Christmas as a time of happiness and healing. We may not be able to fix all that’s wrong with the world, but developing our innate ability to see and gather light will encourage us to shine that light more freely.  This class is our gift to you.  In return you are invited to bring a cash or food donation which will be shared with those who need it most via