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This class is an introduction to the self practice style of yoga known as Mysore style. It is aimed at students new to yoga or those who have not practiced this way before.

In a Mysore style class, the teacher will work with students individually to help tailor a practice unique to them; practitioners are able to go at their own pace and according to their needs. In this workshop, the teacher will initially guide all students together in a led class fashion. Gradually, the teacher will start to tailor the sequence of postures for each individual. By the end, everyone will have a short personalised sequence of their own, and a solid idea of how to practice this in the Mysore style.

Notify the teacher if you have any injuries or if you are pregnant
You can bring your own mat or borrow one from the studio
Wear comfortable clothing
Try not to eat or drink at least two hours before the workshop- save the nice breakfast for afterwards! ­čÖé

PRICE: £10


Free Guided Meditations

One Saturday/Month throughout 2018

Every month, one of the team will lead a free guided meditation for peace and love. The meditations will take a variety of forms.┬áThe idea is to come together and collectively set our intention on peace and love. As cheesy as it sounds, we’re certain we can make more difference than we begin to realise by joining our focus. At the very least, we individually come out in a better, calmer and more peaceful frame of mind, but what if the yoga philosophy idea that all minds are joined is true? Then we have the potential to improve not only our situation, but to raise collective energies. Studies* have shown dramatic results that in geographical locations where groups regularly join to meditate together, there are measurable improvements in for example crime figures! We’d love for you to join us while we work together to make a positive difference.

Upcoming dates:

Saturday 3 November 6-7pm

Saturday 15 December 6-7pm

Saturday 5 January 6-7pm

*See one such study here