Morning Mysore Self-Practice


Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: 
6am to 8.30am (adjustments from 6.30am, last mat 7.30am)

Teaching from 7am to 9.30am (adjustments from 7.30am, last mat 8.30am)

Sunday Beginner Sessions:
Every Sunday at 8am
Learn the basics of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and the Mysore style of practice, including proper breathing techniques, Surya Namaskar A and B, and the first standing postures. Plan for 45-60 minutes of practice.

Our early morning Sessions are open to all Yogis and aspiring Yogis to provide an open practice space. If you have a basic practice, bringing to your mat some knowledge, experience and tools to enjoy your style of Yoga, Love Yoga provides the calm and quiet environment in which to immerse yourself.

Moon Days – led Moon Sequence 6-7.30am! So even a Sunday happens to fall on a Moon Day, doors will be open for Mysore practice 

What is Mysore-style practice?
Mysore means ‘self practice’. Students work at their own pace and ability with the guidance of a teacher in the calm and relaxed setting of the Mysore room. The teacher gives specific instruction on how to safely and effectively practice so that the student can be confident in what they are doing. When you come to a Mysore class, there are all ages and levels of student practicing side by side.

What will I learn?
Students come to Mysore Ashtanga and are taught practical key elements of Ashtanga yoga: how to breathe correctly, how to align themselves safely and effectively in yoga postures, drishti, safe vinyasa tips, and are also taught how to concentrate and build meditative awareness.

If you practice any other style of Yoga we will help you with alignment of postures, breathing and help you develop a practice that is therapeutic and healing as well as satisfying.

Why practice Mysore-style?
Mysore-style is the traditional way to learn. Each asana is taught one at a time during Mysore practice so students learn at their own pace. Students work on a set series of yoga asanas each time they approach their yoga mat, and this routine develops flexibility and strength along with confidence. With time meditation begins – as the movements become familiar practitioners think less and breathe and feel more.

Morning Mysore at Love Yoga
Morning Mysore provides a consistent daily morning class time. This helps create a healthy pattern of waking up and going to yoga. Yoga becomes a part of students’ lives. Injuries often occur when we try to do a strong practice such as Ashtanga on a random basis, so a daily Mysore practice supports gradual and consistent progress.

How often should I practice?
We recommend beginning students begin with 3-4 days a week building up to 5-6 days a week over time.

Morning Mysore Practice Passes
Mysore passes give students the opportunity to commit to a regular yoga practice so that they can fully understand and benefit from the practice.

Monthly Mysore Passes:
4-days a week – £75 (£6/class)

Six Month Passes: (includes 1 month free) – £375

Drop-in – £10 

Sunday Beginner Sessions:
£10 per class/£6 for students or unemployed