PENTAX DIGITAL CAMERA Martin Julich has been practicing Yoga for 30 years, an awfi long time and still learning!! He started with Iyengar Yoga in the 80’s, later added in Erich Schiffman’s approach of Moving into Stillness, Godfrey Devereux became his Teacher Trainer during a Yoga TT in Den Haag, Holland. He also practices and teaches Shiatsu, 5Rhythms Dance and Open Floor work and Chinese Herbal Medicine….all of which inform the way he teaches and holds classes. ‘Walking the line between discipline and fun’, that’s where he wants Yoga to explore our human nature.
  Rebecca Murray loves yoga and is delighted to spend her days sharing it! Through years of dedicated personal practice, studies and teaching she has experienced its incredible transformative power in her own and other’s lives – building inner strength, balance, peace, and radiance. Rebecca teaches general and private yoga classes, retreats and workshops with humour, honesty and lightness. She is a Yoga Therapist and works with students 1:1 to design individualised yoga practices (and give nutritional guidance) as a complimentary healing therapy. No matter what’s going on with an individual, there is a yoga practice to support their optimal wellbeing! Rebecca is also a Culinary Nutritionist, offering nutrition workshops, and a reiki healer.
  Charlie Grange discovered yoga in 2013, and has since developed a deep love of the practice. Committed explorations of the Ashtanga series with Sarah Hatcher have led to further studies of Vinyasa Krama and Hatha based sequencing. Travelling the world in pursuit of her passion, Charlie has practiced with many esteemed teachers including Kino McGregor, David Garrigues and Bharath Shetty. She has also worked extensively with Matthew Sweeney to become one of the few teachers worldwide qualified to teach Moon Sequence. Her wealth of experience and dedication is balanced by an unique sense of humour and easy going attitude.

Lyndsey Thompson looked to yoga 6 years ago to support her running and strength training but soon found its benefits in every aspect of her life. She likes to introduce yoga to every activity possible to let everyone feel its benefits whether that be breath, flexibility, pain relief, strength or relaxation. Lyndsey has had the pleasure of having practice guidance from many wonderful local teachers, as well as Michael Gannon, David Keil, and later this year, Kino McGregor.
Allan Mollins has a passion for yoga that infuses his teaching and his life. His classes combine yoga posture and breath teachings with sound meditations/relaxations. He is open-minded, accepting, good-humoured and kind-hearted. His classes help us find calm, positivity and strength within ourselves that we can take with us into our lives.
Josie Crawford is a bright, authentic and joyful teacher. She is passionate about making yoga to everyone, and ensuring a safe but challenging practice. Her approach is light and open, helping students to feel comfortable to practice without need for comparison or competition. Her main focus – YOUR body, YOUR practice.
Carole Monnier spent almost two decades practicing a mixed bag of yoga and feeling like the least flexible person in the room before the thought of becoming a yoga teacher even occurred to her. After a dedicated practice of over 3 years, she finally took the step and certified as a Level 1 Kundalini Yoga teacher in 2017. She also had the great pleasure of training under Mehtab Benton to learn how to play the gong for yoga and relaxation. Her 30” Platonic Year gong has become a fixture in her life and she deeply enjoys sharing her passion for its incredible resonance with anyone willing to listen! Prior to yoga, she was trained in Sophrology in France in 2013, which gave her the opportunity to teach dynamic relaxation techniques with clients as she lived and traveled through France, Indonesia and now Scotland, that she draws from to deepen her yoga teaching. She believes that we are all capable of connecting to our inner being and realising our full potential and that we can have fun doing it!