Festive Timetable

Festive Timetable – Gathering Light

 “I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.”  ~ Hafiz ~

Monday 22nd – 1230-1330 – Lyndsey

Monday 22nd – 1800-2000 – Rebecca

Tuesday 23rd -1800-2000 – Karen

Monday 29th – 1800-2000 – Helen

Tuesday 30th – 1800-2000 – Emma

Festive celebrations of yoga, pranayama, and meditation for body and mind, and heart and soul.  These energising and warming heart-opening practices will prepare us for some deep, restorative breathing, and will give us an opportunity to slow down and reflect upon the true meaning of Christmas.  The season of goodwill – Christmas should be about opening hearts not wallets, but this joyful holiday brings stress and sorrow as each year we feel under pressure to give more and more. Christmas has been hijacked by corporations in pursuit of profit, and peace has been forgotten. By turning our backs on consumerism and returning to family and community we can reclaim Christmas as a time of happiness and healing. We may not be able to fix all that’s wrong with the world, but developing our innate ability to see and gather light will encourage us to shine that light more freely.  This class is our gift to you.  In return you are invited to bring a cash or food donation which will be shared with those who need it most via www.foodbankspartnershipaberdeen.org.uk