Intro to Mysore Practice – 12th April

the Intro to Mysore Practice is a great way of getting to know the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga, which is the form we are practicing every morning in the studio. The sequence starts with the Sun Salutations, which are a strong warm up for the rest of the practice as well as the being the basic teaching of how to actually ‘do’ yoga practice. It does not matter if you are a complete beginner with Yoga or the Ashtanga sequence, exploring this form (or any other good sequence of Yoga posture practice) is giving you (mind/body and a wee bit of Soul:))) something to work on and with, it will give or enhance your sense of inner discipline and potentially give you an avenue to a more joyful perspective on life.

One focus of good Yoga practice, in my books anyway, is to work towards a sense of more and more effortless effort….in Ashtanga practice this is one of the biggest challenges and joys in my experience. Hope you come and join and get onto the mat and treat your body well. (Martin)

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