New Teacher – New Thursday Lunch Class

Steve mug We’re very pleased to announce that dancer, choreographer, personal trainer and yoga teacher Steve Agyei is joining the team to offer a new Thursday lunchtime class.

The class, starting this Thursday 8 March is an Ashtanga Style Dynamic Free Flowing Yoga class, which will run from 1230-1330.

The class is based on the traditional poses of Ashtanga, interlaced with free flowing moves, designed to harness the power of your breath, reduce stress and help you sleep better at night, whilst creating more energy, strength and flexibility to help you look good, lose weight and feel great.

Find out more about Steve on our Teachers page

How blissed out?! Ayurvedic Massage Report

This week, I was given the super tough mission of testing out the Ayurvedic massage now on offer from Jen Stewart at the studio, and then report back to you.


I headed in to town for the treatment feeling a little wobbly, emotional and tired. I’d had some personal stuff going on so, even though 2 hours being massaged is a glorious use of time, I had felt like I’d rather be staying at home…. sleeping or eating (gluten free) cake on the sofa. However, I resolved to do my duty and trundled through terrible traffic to arrive a little late. I found a very relaxed, very smiley Jen reading a book with incense and peaceful music wafting around her. I sat down and we chatted a little, situating where I was at and how I was feeling. She then left me to get myself down to my knickers and get comfy on the ‘bed’ on the floor.


What happened next is a happy blur of blissfulness! Using oils and an Ayurvedic powder, Jen proceeded to massage and work pretty much every inch of my body – my back, my arms, my legs, my feet, the front of my legs, my stomach, the fronts of my arms, my hands, my face, my neck, my scalp……. its was….. amazing! I was sooooooo relaxed and it felt sooooooo lovely. She did some gentle passive stretches on my body as well as some work on my face with a very smooth and very pleasant-feeling crystal. It crossed my mind as I thought the treatment might soon finish, that the only down-side to this was that it would end!


It didn’t end as soon as I feared though, as this beautiful soul gave me some Reiki before gentle rubbing my body to ‘bring me back’.


From my fairly wide experience of massage and healing therapies, I imagined that the treatment may have triggered a sob-a-thon or some kind of massive emotional release. What happened in fact, is that when I ‘came back into the room’, I felt completely and utterly blissed out. Jen took exceptional care of me and was very gentle and mindful making sure I was grounded, hydrated and nourished before letting me float off into the outside world. I was on a blissed-out high for the rest of the day. She put so much love and care into what she was doing – not only was it an awesome de-stressor, it was also a beautiful healing, grounding experience. She helped me come back to a place of feeling very accepting and grateful and blessed with reality exactly as it is.

So the lowdown is this – I’ve had plenty of massages, holy moly, I’ve had nearly every massage under the sun, and I’m really happy to tell you this one was something else. Really special. Amazing value for money as well – well worth every penny. I’m booking in for another one that’s for sure.


Other than this beautiful therapy, we can also recommend all sorts of other fantastic therapists for a variety of different treatments – Martin who owns the studio, also co-owns the Rosemount Centre for Complementary Therapies where you can have shiatsu, cranio-sacral therapy, reiki, massage and a myriad of other therapies. We can also recommend some very wonderful healers and light workers. Feel free to ask.

Ayurvedic Massage Now Available at the studio

Ayurvedic massage now available at Love Yoga on Wednesday & Thursday mornings.

Please contact Jen Stewart directly on 07504951083 for further information or to book an appointment.

2 hour treatment – £70

The massage is carried out on a mattress on the floor. It’s a full body massage that works on releasing stress & tension from the body. The massage combined with various stretches help to release emotional blocks & induce a deep state of relaxation.

Also unique to this type of  massage is the use of calamus powder which is massaged in to the body with oil. The powder combined with oil brings out toxins from the body; the scrubbing & stimulating feeling awakens the skin, blood circulation & senses, calamus is a good detoxifying & exfoliating agent for the skin.

Ayurvedic massage provides this wonderful opportunity to just relax & be, allowing yourself to still your mind & connect with your body.

After the massage it’s good to enjoy the benefit of the treatment & to have a really relaxing day planned, allow yourself to take it easy & stay in the relaxed state. Support the elimination of toxins started by the massage by drinking lots of water & eating healthy foods.

Christmas Holiday Schedule

Lovely Yogis!

Our normal timetable will run until Friday December 20 and restart January 6.

The timetable page of the website will be updated to show this at the time.

Over the festive season, the Mysore program will continue to run, but on slightly altered times as below:

Please speak with Sarah if you wish to come in earlier than 7 am during this time.

Monday, 23 December:  7-9 am

Tuesday, 24 December:  7-9 am

Wednesday 25 December – Cancelled

Thursday 26 December – 7-9 am

Friday 27 December – 7-9 am

Monday, 30 December:   7-9 am

Tuesday 31 December:  7-9 am

Wednesday 1 January – Cancelled

Thursday 2 January – 7-9 am

Friday 3 January – 7-9 am

Festive Yoga Celebration Thingie, Saturday 14 December, 3.30-6pm

Festive Yoga Celebration Thingie, Saturday 14 December, 3.30-6pm

xmas stars

To bring this tumultuous year towards its end and have a little festive yogi fun, the Love Yoga team are offering a wee festive yoga celebration thingie from 3.30 til 6pm on Saturday 14 December.

We’ll have a lovely practice, with asana, pranayama, some mantra or chant and some festive snacks and drinks to round things off.

We’d love for you to join us!

By donation – proceeds to CLAN cancer support service – but please book, so we know how much cake to bake!

Beginner’s Mysore Yoga Intensive, Sunday 8 December, 2-5pm

Beginner’s Mysore Yoga Intensive, Sunday 8 December, 2-5pm

sarah yoga

In the intensive, our excellent regular morning Mysore teacher Sarah Hatcher teaches the basics of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga to introduce the Mysore style of practice. Students will learn proper breathing techniques, Surya Namaskar A and B and other technical practice tips on how to begin a steady Mysore practice at Love Yoga. Upon completion of this class, students will feel confident and prepared to join the morning Mysore program.

Sunday 8 December, 2-5pm, £30 – booking essential

Yoga Retreat – 2 spaces available!

We’ve had 2 last minute cancellations for the Yoga Retreat this weekend which means there are now two spaces available for someone else!

We’ll be having a lovely peaceful weekend out at Corse House near Lumphanan practising yoga – both energising Ashtanga-based practices and deeply releasing and relaxing Yin-based practices, as well as mind-calming pranayama breathing techniques, some guided meditation and lots of time to chill out. There will be delicious healthy food on offer and lovely company.

Contact us if you’d like to snap up the last places!