Sorry to be bringer of bad news, but Sarah has to postpone this weekend’s workshops on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st. Unfortunately Dash is not well, so it really can’t be helped.

I am so sorry, we have all been looking forward to our renewing of learning with Sarah, as well as seeing how well she and Dash are doing. It will happen, just not this time.

Suggested new dates are the weekend of 27th June or 8th August.  Same times and place.

Refunds will be arranged in the event of you not being able to attend the workshop dates suggested.

Please wish little Dashiel a speedy recovery:))

Blessings, Martin

New yoga mats for sale at the studio!

gripmat_alltogether Grip Sticky Mats £25 each

Sticky, portable and available in a range of great colours. This is a great mat for beginners or relatively light use (ie a class or two a week).

This is an affordable, chemical-free, eco-friendly mat!

Pro Lite MatPS Pro Lite Mats £35 each

Robust, strong and durable with great grip and good cushioning. This is a great mat for heavy use, ie a regular practitioner.

These mats are eco-friendly, contain no nasty chemicals and at a fantastic price!

Rebecca returns from London

Rebecca’s back from the 40 hour Ashtanga teacher training course she undertook in London with the eminent and fantastic David Swenson and his very lovely wife Shelley.

She’s learned a lot of new adjustments for the primary series as well as a broadened perspective around teaching, the practice and yoga generally.

She is looking forward to assimilating these into her classes and her practice.

Rebecca studying with David Swenson!

Rebecca and David chatting last year in Edinburgh

Rebecca is off down to London this week to do a 40 hour intensive teacher training course with one of the world’s foremost Ashtanga yoga teachers and practitioners, David Swenson.

David is the author of the fantastic Ashtanga Yoga Practice Manual and has been practising since he was very young. He started with Ashtanga yoga in 1973 and learned the full Ashtanga system as it was taught by Sri K Pattabis Jois.

Apart from being incredibly knowledgeable he is also very down-to-earth and great fun to work with!

Rebecca looks forward to returning next week with lots of great new tips and ideas to share with her lovely lucky students. The fabulous Pras Pattnaik and marvellous Martin will be covering her classes this week.

Successfully Relaunched!

Many thanks to everyone who came along on Saturday morning to help us celebrate Love Yoga Ltd’s official relaunch and sorry to those we couldn’t squeeze in!

Mat to mat we practised, laughed and generally had a lovely morning. The meditation and dedication was really beautiful as well (not to mention the delicious cakes!).

We really appreciate all of those who brought their energy, light and love into the space and to those sending it from afar who couldn’t make it on the day.

We look forward to that great energy expanding out into all the classes!