New Wednesday Class starting next week!

We’re delighted to be welcoming Rowan to teach a new Dynamic Hatha class from Wednesday 12th January.

Rowan is a beautiful soul with a beautiful practice and his teaching will be a great asset to Aberdeen’s yogis! There are still spaces for his first class next week, so click here to book your spot. As of next Wednesday 12th Jan at 7.15pm, Rowan will lead flowing, breath-led, engaging Dynamic Hatha practices at our cosy, hygge Love Yoga studio.

Post or Long Covid people!!!!

Since this a major topic

I work with prescribing Chinese Herbal Medicine from the Rosemount Centre for Complementary Therapies ( for helping you people who experience the difficulties of Long Covid. Please feel free to give this a go, esp when, as so soften, nothing else has helped!!! As some of you will be aware of: Long Covid can be very debilitating and might take a concerted effort over a good few (or even many) months to get energy back

We also have a new Homeopath called Elaine Fisher working from the Rosemount Centre, which is another worthy approach. Very helpful.

Compassionate Inquiry

Dear Yoginis and Yogis,

I am part of a year long course with Gabor Mate on what he calls ‘Compassionate Inquiry”, where we meet weekly and dedicate ourselves to exploring and freeing ourselves from all that ‘Stuff’ like negative inner voices that might say things like ‘I am not deserving love/appreciation/feeling valued etc’ or, in other words, how we are not kind to ourselves, how we might feel stuck in addictive behaviours and so on.

I am dedicating myself to this work of Compassionate Inquiry, it feels like home and it shows me the need to soften into Being(ness) more and more.

Yoga and the Art of Moving into Stillness

Yoga, like many things in Life, comes in many Flavours, many aspects that involve anything from strength to flexibility, developing our skills to be tuned in….sometimes working with Yoga is an experience of Stillness, being deep inside Self and at other times we feel the need to express, make effort, have fun being alive and sweaty with our practice and for me the interest lies in following whichever part shows up on the mat. That is why my Wednesday evening class is called ‘Freedom Yoga’.

I want to also promote another class which is with Oliver Richard on Tuesday evening. He calls it ‘Innovation’ and I highly recommend it!!!

Lastly: again and again I feel drawn to establish a Yoga class for us men. This could be a monthly group. Any feedback on this is most welcome! email me on

Spain Retreat – Thank you

Just a wee Thank you, actually a big one to all of those who joined Rebecca and myself for our Yoga Retreat in Spain, north of Malaga in the beautiful off-grid venue named ‘Hidden Paradise’. It has been an intense journey for myself and, surely I am not speaking just for myself, every journey into ourselves through an conscious embodiment practice brings an enrichment of our inner landscape:) (which is not always an easy ride)

see you on the mat



Monday 28th May – Mysore Yoga practice

Hi Yogis,

after having a week away our dear Charlie will be back, inviting you to come and practice Mysore Style on Mon/Wed/Fri and Sundays at the usual times (have a wee look at the timetable)….

Mysore Style practice based around Self-Practice, with Charlie suggesting the appropriate (for you) sequencing of posture practice. If you are new to any Yoga practice, she will be able to start you off beautifully and if you have done Yoga for a long time, you may enjoy new suggestions, tweaks to your practice that will support you.

In any case, welcome back to you, Charlie.

21-27th May – no early morning Mysore class

Hi Yogis:)

The Mysore Self Practice sessions will have a wee holiday from and including the Monday 21st May to Sunday 27th May. Then we’ll be back to normal schedule:)

However:) This does not mean you cannot enjoy your home practice!! Charlie is doing a wonderful job at instructing, designing and finding appropriate suggestions to invite, entice and move our bodies into and through the complexities of Yoga Posture practice.


New Years Wishes

Welcome to 2018!!

May we all live with the knowledge & its application of how to look after ourselves, friends, communities and the Planet and may we actually commit to that so that future generations  will have a healthier Place to live.

Love Yoga Studio will enter into the normal schedule (please have a wee look at the website) as of Friday 5th January (from 7-9pm). Allan and myself will hold a longer session of Yin Yoga (with me) and a meditation and a sound-bath (Allan).

I used to do many ceremonies like Sweat Lodges and Rainbow Dreamdances, all of which have taught me that practicing a setting of Intent (which can be in the form of a dedication, prayer, visualisation or that simply arises from a spontaneous realisation ) can go a long way to help me (us) to commit to a way of living with Awareness and clarity of where Life wants us to go, which Path of Heart to follow.

I want to also welcome Carole Clark, who will start a Kundalini Lunchtime Yoga class at Love Yoga from Thursday 11th January, 12.30-13.30. Its a class open to all levels and its called ‘Plug Me In’.

Also: to cater for the ones of us who like Ashtanga Yoga, Rebecca’s Monday evening class from 18.00 – 19.15 will invite us all to explore how to work with a good physical practice. We’ll work with the form of the Primary Series, how to get into and out of Yoga Postures – that is the connection between breath and movement and we’ll look into the details of placement, so it feels good. I (Martin) will start these classes with Monday 8th January and I look forward to exploring this:)))

Blessings and Peace



Yin & Dynamic Yoga

Fridays Yin & Dynamic Yoga class is an exploration of the breath-movement connection into grounding and broadening what can be grounded and broadened so that, as a ‘result’, Yoga posture practice becomes a dynamic process. This we will take into the second half of the class, now warm and more in the body, to engage with deeply held postures of the Yin Yoga sequence.