Class Styles

Love Yoga offers a range of yoga styles and classes.

Ashtanga Basics: Ashtanga is a strong physical practice that coordinates breath and movement in a set series of postures. This class introduces students to the beginnings of the ‘primary series’, focusing on details and helping them come to grips with of a series of  fundamental yoga postures, as well as building strength, toning, improving focus and quietening a busy mind. Is this class for you? If you’re looking for an active, dynamic, physical class and are willing to work hard and sweat!

Evening Flow: Suitable for all, men and women, and all body-types. This is a flowing, revitalising and relaxing class that helps students learn the basics and experience yoga in an accessible, fun way. Coordinating breath and movement, we flow between postures to help develop strength and stability, improve flexibility and find inner stillness and calm. The class tends to reflect the needs of the students on any given day but tends to take a fun approach to practicing. Is this class for you? If you want to get into yoga and are interested in a general, flowing, dynamic yoga class to work on strength, tone and balance, and also to help you relax.

Hatha Yoga: Suitable for all, men and women, and all body-types. This is a revitalising and relaxing class where students move through a progressive series of postures, coordinating breath and movement to find stability in the body and stillness in the mind. Some time will be dedicated in each class to exploring different breathing and meditation techniques to aid complete relaxation of mind and body. The class will reflect the needs of the students on any given day but tends to take a fun approach to practicing. Is this class for you? If you want a dynamic yoga class to work on flexibility and strength and then deeply relax.

Innovation: For those who want to explore a variety of asana and pranayama. Expect a blend of peaceful and challenging moments. Some previous experience will be helpful but not essential – all are welcome.

Morning Mysore Programme: Mysore-style means ‘self practice’. In these classes, the teacher works with students individually to help tailor a practice unique to them; practitioners are able to go at their own pace and according to their needs. Students are guided through a sequence of yoga poses, one posture at a time, receiving both verbal and hands-on instruction. Is this class for you? If you’re interested in working on a personal practice that will progressively improve your strength and flexibility while going at your own pace.

Playful Vinyasa: A strong, sweaty, fun, playful class to strengthen, tone, increase flexibilty and balance, and try out fun, tricky postures. Is this class for you? This is a strong physical practice that creates internal heat and works on strengthening the body and mind. If you have a good level of fitness and want to sweat and work hard physically.

Sunday Sound Bath This Sunday evening session is suitable for absolutely everyone. Its a deeply relaxing, blissful way to end your weekend and start your week! A chance to lie down for an hour or so and completely let go, allowing sound to reverberate through your whole being and release deeply held tensions completely quietening your mind. Is this class for you? If you’d like a deep relaxation and reset for your whole being.

Vinyasa Meditation: This is a strong, deep but accessible practice that works not only to build strength and flexibility, and balance the nervous system, but also to bring space and stillness to the mind. We work with dynamic flows to allow our breath to drive our movement and bring the benefits of yoga to every layer of our beings in a strong meditative way. There is a focus on deep core strengthening to build physical and mental/emotional stability as well as on gently, efficiently increasing flexibilty, balance and focus. Is this class for you? This is a super accessible meditative practice that brings us deeper and deeper into yoga. If you’d like to get stronger and more flexible physically, but would also like to balance your nervous system and bring space to your mind, this is a great class for you

Yin Yoga: In Yin Yoga we are interested in the relationship between joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons, and by staying longer in a posture we exert healthy stresses on those tissues, which brings more blood flow and flexibility to them. And of course, Yoga has always an element of self inquiry in it and with the Yin approach (and any Yoga truly) we want to explore being more inside, more still and definitely as happy as possible. Is this class for you?  If you want to release deep tension, work passively but intensely, focus on hips and hamstrings whilst working the whole body and deeply relaxing.