Ayurvedic Massage Now Available at the studio

Ayurvedic massage now available at Love Yoga on Wednesday & Thursday mornings.

Please contact Jen Stewart directly on 07504951083 for further information or to book an appointment.

2 hour treatment – £70

The massage is carried out on a mattress on the floor. It’s a full body massage that works on releasing stress & tension from the body. The massage combined with various stretches help to release emotional blocks & induce a deep state of relaxation.

Also unique to this type of  massage is the use of calamus powder which is massaged in to the body with oil. The powder combined with oil brings out toxins from the body; the scrubbing & stimulating feeling awakens the skin, blood circulation & senses, calamus is a good detoxifying & exfoliating agent for the skin.

Ayurvedic massage provides this wonderful opportunity to just relax & be, allowing yourself to still your mind & connect with your body.

After the massage it’s good to enjoy the benefit of the treatment & to have a really relaxing day planned, allow yourself to take it easy & stay in the relaxed state. Support the elimination of toxins started by the massage by drinking lots of water & eating healthy foods.