How blissed out?! Ayurvedic Massage Report

This week, I was given the super tough mission of testing out the Ayurvedic massage now on offer from Jen Stewart at the studio, and then report back to you.


I headed in to town for the treatment feeling a little wobbly, emotional and tired. I’d had some personal stuff going on so, even though 2 hours being massaged is a glorious use of time, I had felt like I’d rather be staying at home…. sleeping or eating (gluten free) cake on the sofa. However, I resolved to do my duty and trundled through terrible traffic to arrive a little late. I found a very relaxed, very smiley Jen reading a book with incense and peaceful music wafting around her. I sat down and we chatted a little, situating where I was at and how I was feeling. She then left me to get myself down to my knickers and get comfy on the ‘bed’ on the floor.


What happened next is a happy blur of blissfulness! Using oils and an Ayurvedic powder, Jen proceeded to massage and work pretty much every inch of my body – my back, my arms, my legs, my feet, the front of my legs, my stomach, the fronts of my arms, my hands, my face, my neck, my scalp……. its was….. amazing! I was sooooooo relaxed and it felt sooooooo lovely. She did some gentle passive stretches on my body as well as some work on my face with a very smooth and very pleasant-feeling crystal. It crossed my mind as I thought the treatment might soon finish, that the only down-side to this was that it would end!


It didn’t end as soon as I feared though, as this beautiful soul gave me some Reiki before gentle rubbing my body to ‘bring me back’.


From my fairly wide experience of massage and healing therapies, I imagined that the treatment may have triggered a sob-a-thon or some kind of massive emotional release. What happened in fact, is that when I ‘came back into the room’, I felt completely and utterly blissed out. Jen took exceptional care of me and was very gentle and mindful making sure I was grounded, hydrated and nourished before letting me float off into the outside world. I was on a blissed-out high for the rest of the day. She put so much love and care into what she was doing – not only was it an awesome de-stressor, it was also a beautiful healing, grounding experience. She helped me come back to a place of feeling very accepting and grateful and blessed with reality exactly as it is.

So the lowdown is this – I’ve had plenty of massages, holy moly, I’ve had nearly every massage under the sun, and I’m really happy to tell you this one was something else. Really special. Amazing value for money as well – well worth every penny. I’m booking in for another one that’s for sure.


Other than this beautiful therapy, we can also recommend all sorts of other fantastic therapists for a variety of different treatments – Martin who owns the studio, also co-owns the Rosemount Centre for Complementary Therapies where you can have shiatsu, cranio-sacral therapy, reiki, massage and a myriad of other therapies. We can also recommend some very wonderful healers and light workers. Feel free to ask.