New Friday Morning Class with Emma

Emma is starting a new 9.30-11am Friday morning class as of 8th November.

The class will be a Vinyasa Practice class. Vinyasa krama is the special arrangement of steps towards a desired goal. In this class the practice will be arranged to take students in steps to develop stability, stamina, focus and awareness. From January 2014, the session contents will be arranged in 10 week blocks. Regular attendance will support students to develop a personal practice and drop-ins are equally welcome.

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Mastery of our material selves, and the harmony and clarity which that brings, comes from sustained and appropriate practice along with detachment or surrendering without frustration anything that could constitute an obstacle in our path.
     Yoga Sutras 1.12-13, based on a translation by Frans Moors in Liberating Isolation
We can work with our light to fill our personal reality, allowing it to shine for ourselves and for others.  We can all work towards this.