New Wednesday morning Yoga Dance class

Natalia Alvarez will be starting a new Yoga Dance Class on Wednesday mornings from 0930 to 1040.

Expressive and Corrective Yoga Movement (ECYM) is a very active and dynamic Dancing Yoga that helps build flexibility, strength and body awareness. Classes are a fun and effective way to get fit, improve posture, become more flexible, look after your mind and body, relax, express yourself and view life more positively.

Every class focuses on a specific chakra, exercising and stretching different muscle groups to get that specific energy flowing better. When this happens, not only does our body benefit, our mind and attitude to life can improve too.

Natalia is an experienced Dancing Yoga teacher and an accredited Body Therapist under System of Centers of Energy (Sistema de Centros de Energía) Dr. Hugo Ardiles School, Buenos Aires. She also holds a PG Certificate in Coaching (University of Aberdeen).

For more information, contact her on