Winter Solstice Celebration – Final Timetable

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To celebrate the passing of 2012 and welcome in 2013 we’re offering a special evening event on Friday 21st December from 1730 – 2000 in the studio.

We’ll do some strong, purifying yoga, followed by a wee deeply relaxing practice, then we’ll do some chanting and a lovely fire ceremony* to help us let go of things we want to release and welcome in things we’re looking to bring into our lives. We’ll round up with a short meditation practice before having a cup of tea and a snack. We won’t be charging for this evening, but we’ll have a donation bowl available.

The timings are as follows:

1730 – 1815  Strong, purifying yoga (with Rebecca)
1815 – 1900  Deeply relaxing yoga (with Martin)
1900 – 1930  Chant, fire ceremony* & wee meditation
1930 Cup of tea (please feel free to bring a snack to maintain blood sugar levels!)

Book with us through Love Yoga

*The fire ceremony involves writing down three things we’d like to be free from or let go of and three things we’d like to welcome in to our lives, then burning the paper to release this intention into the universe and let it happen.